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5 easy steps to Reduce Website Visitor ‘Bounce’ rate

Posted by on Jan 27, 2012 in Search Marketing | Comments Off on 5 easy steps to Reduce Website Visitor ‘Bounce’ rate

Your website, like a beautifully decorated, but unattended reception? People come, look around and leave without anyone ever knowing they were there? Such a waste. Window shoppers, who do not enter do not buy any intention of returning later is actually a very unlikely event. Is paid search engine optimization to get good search results and pay per click to get visitors to your website, what a waste! All the hard work and the receptionist was out to lunch. You do not tolerate in your office is left unattended then why is it okay for your site? If you are like most businesses, perhaps 5% of the studies, business, visitors will come to your office, while an average of 85% should come to the site. Accordingly, the calculation is 95 times greater than the probability that under appropriate supervision, only 5% of business studies. It ignores the 85% of the company visits and let the Chase for the information and attention. An error occurred. What can be done, what will you do? It is important to check out the page people will see first. Most of the company, which is the site, in most cases it is probably on the wrong side. Smart companies ensure that the visitors received a focused entirely appropriate side depending on how it was decided to locate the site. These so-called ‘landing pages’. Good pay per click advertising delivers the respondents to another according to the subject of the ad landing page so that visitors always receives the correct content. Reply by e-mail advertising, e.newsletters, at each point of the article links to a page, and only rarely in the home. Grab your visitors‘ attention to 4 seconds, or will be added to the competitor. So do not risk bringing them to a general page, an empty desk, 95% of the visitors just go away. Got your attention, what next. Wants to know who they are. If they are first time visitors, the easiest way to get the most visitors, to say that it is desirable to offer them something that is free, usually a booklet or manual that can be downloaded, and sometimes something to post, or a future benefit as a ticket or voucher. Visitors can learn the material free of charge in exchange for their names and contact details of a ‘squeeze page‘. Now I know who they are and what they want to monitor it, and not just wait and hope that they might contact me. The truth is, most will not. Returning visitors will be encouraged to log in and submit themselves to the most return visitors to automatically log in, if you use the same computer as they are registered. May be more than just welcoming the written word, the flash clip is a short podcast on your site loads very quickly. Within that 4 second window of opportunity to be able to talk to the visitor’s attention. ‘Welcome to our site. My name is Tim Meadows-Smith and I am the Executive Director. I hope you find what you want, if you do not Here’s the number I OFFICE WHERE we are ready to help – 0123 456789. Your voice will tell them, that means that it is useful and can be trusted. You may not call, but wanted to, and will feel that you care. The video podcast can be inset in the same page. A good idea is to use a podcast to announce the availability chat help. Operational, type a message like ‘you can look around, if something is unclear or if you need help,...

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