SEO Services Sri Lanka


Is your website positioned above your competitors in Google?

Only a very small part of the Google user clicks on the second page (search results). To be successful online your website’s targeted keywords must be listed in 1st page of Google search results.

Search Engine Optimisation in Sri Lanka

TopRank offer professional SEO services for businesses in Sri Lanka and worldwide. Your customized SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy will ensure more visitors, more customers and thus increasing sales.

Traffic improvement

Benefits for your Business

  1. Significant increase in the number of visitors to the website (Generate targeted & relevant traffic).
  2. Additional visitors are potential customers, because they are looking for your product or service.
  3. More sales of your products & services (Acquisition of new customers).
  4. Strengthen your brand awareness in search engines.
  5. The efficiency of your website will be increased.
  6. Reduce the cost of paid listings / Sponsored links (if they are being used by you).

Why SEO Services? Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is a method of achieving good positions (rankings) in the search engines for targeted keywords.

Search engine optimisation is one of the most essential online marketing strategy for your business. Today for many medium-sized and small businesses, SEO becomes a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising media (TV, Radio & Print) and an indispensable and efficient factor in the marketing mix.

At TopRank, we cover all aspects of SEO in Sri Lanka from on-page optimisation to link building. We research your keywords and phrases and optimise your content to ensure that your website has all of the necessary criteria to help drive targeted traffic to your site.


Why you need SEO?

SEO is the process of improving the ranking of your website for certain keywords on search engine natural results (organic). This in turn allows more visitors in your target market to find your website.

Audit your content
Depending on the targeted keywords, we establish a clear audit on the content of your website to find out which parts need to be improved and how.

Audit the reputation of your site (Link Popularity)
We provide a detailed report on the websites that link to your site.

Competitive Analysis
We analyze your competitor’s site to find out how they positioned higher on search results, then layout and implement strategies to outrank your competitors.

The ranking factors that search engines use are highly guarded, but there are industry proven optimisation techniques which will benefit your rankings and traffic, such as unique content generation, on-site optimization and safe link building.

Why use TopRank?

We value clean and transparent Optimization practices.

Search Engine Optimisation Prices

Our search engine optimization services start from Rs 10,000 (US $100) per month.

More on us as SEO Agency in Sri Lanka:

SEO services:

  • Keyword Research  – Analysis of the main keywords for your website and your business.
  • Analysis of your competition.
  • On Page (On-site) optimization including content creation.
  • Off Page (Offsite) optimization including link building.
  • Online store SEO.
  • SEO advice.
  • Free SEO audit/Quick check.