Get Instant & Targeted traffic to Your Site with Google AdWords (Pay Per click)

Is your AdWords campaign cost too much? TopRank can provide you professional set up, manage and optimize your AdWords campaigns.

Google AdWords is all about results. Advertisers can focus their budget on keywords that bring the most return on investment. Using conversion tracking for example, it is possible to find the most profitable keywords for your campaign. At TopRank we are happy to accept the creation and support of your AdWords campaigns.

Pay-Per-Click advertising allows you to instantly drive targeted traffic to your website.

AdWords Services we Offer:

  • AdWords optimization
  • Free AdWords Analysis & Consulting
  • Google AdWords for online shops
  • International AdWords campaigns
  • AdWords Support & Help

1. Research keywords
You provide us with the keywords that interest you in priority, we study their relevance to your business, then we will consider their cost per click. We then recommend a minimum monthly budget based on your goals.

2. Implementation of the campaign
Once approved budget, we create one or more structured by ads based on the keywords thematic groups campaigns, then we create custom ads to maximize the relevance of each keyword. We perform regular adjustments to lower cost per click and maximize the profitability of your campaign, until the desired result. For e-commerce sites, we optimize the campaign based on sales made through it.

3. Tracking
At your request, we will provide an overview of your campaign.