Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management (ORM) briefly describes all activities that deal with monitoring, analyzing and managing publications on an individual, an organization or a company on the internet. They range from the examination of search engine results and opinions in forums and blogs about campaigns in social media like Facebook or Twitter to active control of opinions, especially if unwanted can be found on the internet.

Many companies have already recognized the importance of online reputation management for their image and their sales. Thus, the Internet now plays a major role in purchasing decisions. Before buying many consumers inform themselves through relevant forums and consumer review sites. But, what can you do when you or your company has unwanted content, reviews and comments that damage your online reputation? TopRank can help you, please contact us for more information.

Displace negative entries of prominent positions

In online reputation management is mostly a matter of competing undesirable content and pages of prominent positions of Google search results. A negative article or comment deletion is only possible if you can convince the website owner to take the article or comment offline. And it doesn’t happen often!

First, you need to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the situation, and find out: Where exactly are the unwanted content? How strong the portals? What positive or neutral content already existing on the company? The pages and content is suitable for optimization? The situation analysis shows how large the respective costs will be about and what specific measures can be used to restore the online reputation.

SEO as a Measure
To displace negative content already existing positive content can be used or created new ones. To improve the rankings of individual pages are typical SEO measures for carrying, which can be attributed to either the on-page or off page optimization. The aim of the work on the onpage is to optimize the site in such a way that the crawlers can index them completely and categorize the search algorithms of the search engines the content of the site as particularly relevant.

The off page optimization, however, deals with the environment of a website, where the focus is primarily on generating backlinks. Cause the more links to a site, the more trust Google gives this site and the higher it will be listed in the search results with corresponding keywords.