Splash or Not be Flashy

One of our client who has been in online women’s fashion business (US, UK & Australia) for over 4 years, now considering redesign their existing web site. They were keen to add flash animation to their site, however, we discourage our clients about adding flash for many good reasons.

It’s a graphic intensive eCommerce site, including flash animations can have some implication.

Here are few essential factors to evaluate when you planing to build a site with Flash:

  • Although flash or splash home pages may seem like they give a site bells and whistles, they can impair how rapidly your site loads. Slow loading sites have higher bounce rates (site abandonment).
  • If you plan to attract a lot of site traffic, the bandwidth may eat into your hosting budget.
  • Many consumers do their shopping during work hours. As a result, if your fashion catalog is promoting a sale, and visitors have to watch a 15-second splash introduction, there’s a higher probability of losing more traffic. Flash introductions should be optional. Not all visitors want to sit through the presentation; especially, if they’re trying make a purchase without being caught on company time.

Web design tip: Hire a web design company, who can harmonize your site’s splash and non-flash functionality.

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