How To Engage Visitors With Your Content

Writing great content is the key to have your website/blog stand out and attract readers. Content is the most important.. without it, your website is just a template.

Many bloggers and webmasters try to get away with writing sub-par content. This content might be hastily written ramblings stuffed with keywords just to provide some kind of meat to a website and make it attractive to the search engines. Often, software s been used to “spin” existing content to make it unique. Usually these articles are confusing and unreadable to an actual human visitor. Continue reading How To Engage Visitors With Your Content

Google AdWords Tips to create Ad

Google AdWords is an ad serving platform that rates your ads and campaigns using a branded algorithm. Below are several AdWords tips to avoid a penalty when your ads are manually reviewed.

Offensive Language
Regardless of the form of advertising your business uses, you always require to capture attention. You wish to stand out, draw interest and be remembered. It isn’t surprising that several advertisers will try to use a shock factor by inserting offensive language into an ad to draw interest. Continue reading Google AdWords Tips to create Ad

5 easy steps to Reduce Website Visitor ‘Bounce’ rate

Your website, like a beautifully decorated, but unattended reception? People come, look around and leave without anyone ever knowing they were there? Such a waste. Window shoppers, who do not enter do not buy any intention of returning later is actually a very unlikely event. Is paid search engine optimization to get good search results and pay per click to get visitors to your website, what a waste! All the hard work and the receptionist was out to lunch. You do not tolerate in your office is left unattended then why is it okay for your site? Continue reading 5 easy steps to Reduce Website Visitor ‘Bounce’ rate